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12 thoughts on “How You Can Get Involved

  1. Sarah van Gelder – When you are in West Virginia let’s plan a “Yes! Fest” to celebrate and network our work with your discoveries and experience. In WV: Our Children Our Future and WV Economic Justice Project, Women’s Rights – WV Free, Water protection – reverse privatization, Beyond Coal, Climate – CCL + IPL + 350, Food: Farm to School + Feed to Achieve + tradition of low carbon pollution family raised food, electoral politics: putting an Appalachian face on Bernie Sanders Platform + DIY localism + encouraging progressive candidates through Regenerate WV – a youth initiated group to support candidates, small scale solar and water power

    Happy trails to you

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  2. Robin, I’d love to do that! I’ll let you know when I get a better sense of when I’ll be there. What city/town are you thinking?


  3. So many inspiring learning places to choose from:
    Kite’s Nest (Hudson, NY)
    North Star Self-Directed Learning for Teens (Hadley, MA)
    Leaves of Learning (Deer Park, Cincinnati, OH)
    Open Connections (near Philadelphia)
    Freedom to Grow Unschool (Athens, GA)
    and many others that can be found on websites for Alternative Education Resource Organization (AERO) and

    Spending time with children who are flourishing is as hopeful as it gets!


  4. Don’t miss Iowa just before and during the caucuses. Nobody ‘gets it’ until they’ve experienced what we go through. Here in Iowa City we have a group of dedicated, hard working, older women — women of a ‘vintage’ age — called, with the mission: ‘To educate, advocate, and agitate for renewable energies, pure water, clean air, and a healthy sustainable environment for future generations.’ We’d love to welcome you here.

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  5. Well, It’s maybe a bit off the map of your road trip, but if you get the urge to keep going and want to head up to Alaska, there are quite a few groups working together to create a healthier, more just food system in the far north. Check out Anchorage Food Mosaic Project, Alaska Marine Conservation Council, Spring Creek Farm (Alaska Pacific University), Yardocopia, Store Outside Your Door, to name a few.


  6. If you are still in the area, Bloomingon Indiana is filled with Yes! …..a Timebank, Toolshare, Community Orchard, Community Gardens, Permaculture, Vibrant Farmer’s Market, major reuse recycle effort by Indiana University, including the IU Surplus Stores and MUCH more. To get started check out The Center for Sustainable Living, Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard, a foodbank building Food Security and waste and support the community plus


  7. If you come up through Boise, Idaho on your way back to Seattle, we’d love to show you the Snake River Seed Cooperative, a cooperative of over 20 small Idaho farmers who are producing organic and non-GMO seeds for our bioregion. We’re a part of a growing movement to do this in communities all across the country, thanks in large part to the Rocky Mountain Seed Alliance. RMSA founders Bill McDorman and Belle Starr will be in Cornwall, Arizona as you make your way down there and I could hook you up with them, too, if you’d like! Thanks for all your wonderful coverage of a wide array of issues on this trip and through the magazine. You are one of my heroes.


  8. Sarah: Please pass through Cleveland, Ohio and talk with Mansfield Frazier about the urban vineyard he started called “Chateau Hough”. Cleveland’s Hough neighborhood suffered considerably since the 60s from redlining, riots, and industry moving out of Cleveland. They should currently be harvesting they first bottled wine last year, I think. Anyway, the vineyard is bringing the neighborhood together. He hires former inmates in transition plus many people volunteer (from both the inner city and further out). You can also look up Garden Boyz, an urban market gardening organization that employs at-risk youth. And, of course, there is always the Evergreen Co-ops, David Beach with the Green City Blue Lake Institute and more!


  9. Sarah – Hope you will come visit us in Eugene, OR on your way back home. We hosted the NW Permaculture Convergence this year and have lots of community activism,permie projects and eco-village. Working on a Community Food Forest. See the write up in the recent Mother Earth News. I’d love to put you up.


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