#Resistance Is Working!

Reposted from Betsy Taylor. 

For everyone who believed in #resistcongrats on helping with the following successful efforts. Because of you:

1. Federal hiring freeze is reversed for VA (Veteran Affairs).

2. Federal judge imposes temporary nationwide halt to Trump’s travel ban.

3. Green card holders can get back in country after massive airport protests and litigation efforts. Iraq war vets were part of those protests.

4. Uber CEO drops off presidential advisory council and pledges $3M and immigration lawyers for its drivers after #DeleteUber trends on Twitter. 200,000 Uber users drop the app. Lyft gives 1m to American Civil Liberties Union to fight immigration ban.

5. Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) enrollment ads are still going to air with help from private companies.

6. The ACLU raised 24M over one weekend (normally 3-4Mil/year).

7. HHS, EPA, USDA gag order lifted due to tremendous protests and pressure.

8. 800,000 scientists have signed up for a march in support of science.

9. More people of different career/religious/economic/ethnic/gender backgrounds are considering running for political office than ever before.

10. White House contender Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has opposed almost all of Trump’s nominations and is getting support as a result.

11. Trump’s approval ratings are low by historical comparisons.

12. Governors are standing up against Trump – most notably in California. They are joined by over 17 state attorney generals.

13. Big City mayors are defying Trump on immigration issues and more.

14. Renewable energy is growing despite Trump, and is likely to continue to do so.

15. High profile athletic teams – and many others – are joining the effort to boycott Trump hotels.

16. Theaters are absolutely packed with viewers of the just released and extraordinary documentary on James BaldwinThis must see film is the latest in asking us to face the racism that continues to plague the heart of America.

17. There will be a growing number of efforts to impeach Trump. A sign-on petition is here

18. Reproductive rights activists are pushing for protection at state level.

19. The White House has pulled back from reopening black site torture prisons due to public outrage and pressure from veterans.

20. Musicians and artists are stepping up their opposition to Trumpincluding in mainstream forums.

21. Seattle city council moved towards divestment of 3 billion dollars from Wells Fargo due to the bank’s support for the Dakota Access pipeline project.

22. Most important perhaps, hundreds of thousands of new people are engaged. Scores of new platforms for engagement have been launched including: Justice DemocratsUnite for America, Americans Take Action, dailyaction.orgIndivisible.

 These are dark times and the threats are colossal. While more resistance and creative forward-moving strategies will be needed, sometimes we have to celebrate our wins.

Stay vigilant, but also take self care seriously. Activist burnout is a thing. Marathon, don’t sprint. Give thanks for all the others – known and unknown – who are shoulder to shoulder with us in this fight.



2 thoughts on “#Resistance Is Working!

  1. Reblogged this on As the Adjunctiverse Turns and commented:
    @SarahVanGelder’s title says it all. Don’t stop pushing back. #Resist! Bring your friends and join other resisting groups.

    ICYMI read Atlantic article on how “<a href="https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2017/02/american-institutions-are-fighting-back-against-trump/516759/"<American Institutions Are Pushing Back Against Trump”


    CommonDreams’ article “From #DayWithoutLatinos to Rapid Response Teams, Deportation Resistance Builds/a>”


    Yes! Magazine’s “7 ways to make an even bigger impact when you #DivestFromDAPL /a>


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