My “Revolution Where You Live” Book Tour So Far …

Contact me here if you have ideas or invitations for keynotes, book signings, interviews, and workshops …

Here’s where I’ve been most recently:

Past engagements include:

Contact me here if you have ideas of places I should visit. THANKS!

8 thoughts on “My “Revolution Where You Live” Book Tour So Far …

  1. Sarah!

    I LOVE it! I am so bummed we will be away on the 23rd (Elliott Bay Books)! We, too, will be on the East coast in late February/early March, in Charlottesville, VA. It’s near D.C. … Are you doing any bookstore events there? Or will the Media Consortium be too demanding?
    So you are aware, Charlottesville is a University Town. They could use you, your energy and your message! Let me know, if you have the energy to add on something at the U or in DC.

    Also, once you are back in Seattle (13th-20th), before Europe (thank you for going there!), will you be doing any events here? or just resting? (< deservedly)

    Thank you for all you do, and for YES! Magazine!


  2. How about the West Coast of Florida – weather’s great and I don’t see you traveling there. Tampa, Clearwater, Sarasota, etc.
    Florence Barnett


  3. Hi Sarah,

    Please be sure to come up to Port Townsend, where I would love to host you. The Writer’s Workshop hosts author reading; usually their schedule is filled well in advance. Also, our very active UU Fellowship is a great place to give a reading/presentation. If nothing else, we could host a dinner chat at the Ecovillage or at our neighboring community of Rosewind. Would love to see you.


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