On the road again! Can you help me on my book tour?

Hi Readers,

When I took my 12,000 mile road trip, people I’d never met and also old friends helped me find my way.

I’m writing to ask for help with my text trip. This time I’ll be out speaking about the book, The Revolution Where You Live: Stories from a 12,000-Mile Journey Through a New America.


I’m looking for opportunities to speak to groups, to read at bookstores, and to meet with people who are teaching and learning about how to do powerful local work, building resistance, renewal, and resilience.

Can you help?

Here are the plans I’ve got so far. I’m looking for other opportunities …

I had such fun meeting people on my road trip – hoping to meet more of you on this next round.

4 thoughts on “On the road again! Can you help me on my book tour?

  1. Definetly include Michigan… traverse city and Pekosky has great venues… In Minnesota come to zDulth Grand Rapids and Bemidgi also have good public radio stations… Ely is pretty great… Bring warm clothes

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  2. Joan suggests Traverse City and Petoskey, just down the road from the world’s premiere fine arts boarding high school– Interlochen Center for the Arts– just down the road from my co-operative venture into raising awareness of the importance of sustainability, Interotten Community Compost.


  3. My thought is that it all starts with what we eat. Sharing meals together, sharing cooking chores and expenses for our most basic foods. 100 people paying dues of say, $200. a month = 20k month. Hire a cook full time, lease a kitchen in a church or buy and fix up something. Turn it into a private club, members only. Non profit Co-op. Then buy in bulk everything for our basic needs, Start out with burritos, salads, soups,, chutneys and condiments, and steamed veggies. Tie it into a CSA gardens, soon everyone has way more food than they can eat for 200 per month. Sell or give away the surplus. use this as a model to start another one, planting seeds of cooperation everywhere. If we co-op our most basic needs skillfully, we can truly own our on means of production , and it will pay us something in time saved, money wasted on fast foods, peace of mind that we are really making a difference and moving towards sustainability.. Have your cake and eat it too
    Peace and love stevieoldman


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