I Made It Home …

I arrived just before the holidays, after dodging snow storms all the way from the pueblos of northern New Mexico, through Moab, Salt Lake City, Burns (before all the excitement started), and Portland.

After 12,000 miles and four months on the road, it was so good to be back home in Suquamish, reunited with friends and family. Many more stories to tell, but they will mostly have to wait for the book.

I took a quick trip to Oakland this week to interview Fania and Angela Davis for YES! Magazine and to talk to the folks at Berrett Koehler about the book that will be coming out of this journey.

Now I’m pouring over notes, interviews, and audio files that I recorded during the long drives. And I’m feeling so much gratitude for everyone who took me in, introduced me to their communities, and took the time to tell me stories about the place they call home.

I will be mulling the lessons for months or years to come. But a big thing I learned is how much people care for their unique place on this Earth. I came away believing that it is in each of our places — in the communities nestled within particular ecological locations — that our hope lies. And that we have more power than we realize to create a better world in each one of those unique places.

My next step is to write a book about what I learned. My first deadline is March 15, so you probably won’t see me on this blog much, if at all. I’ve never written a book, just edited a few. So I’m going to focus on that.IMG_3275If all goes as planned, the book will be out in the fall. I’ll keep you posted!

Meanwhile, I’m already missing the people I met on the road and mulling my next trip 🙂

Thanks for following this blog, and more later…

One thought on “I Made It Home …

  1. Dear Sarah:

    Thank you so much for all the information about what is happening in many other cities across the nation- your blog was most interesting (and a little scary). It felt like it was a “new way” to get to know people on the various ways we live in the US. If you do it again, and I hope you will- maybe you will need some help organizing, talking to people or just driving.

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