Turning Southwest

Today I turn back towards the southwest for the final leg of my journey.

After an inspiring stay in Newark, NJ and Thanksgiving with family in the Hudson Valley, I’m going to Ithaca, NY and State College, Penn., before heading for the Gulf Coast, Texas, and the Southwest, and then home to Suquamish, Wash. by Christmas.

I’m looking for communities that are making things happen — your suggestions are welcome!

3 thoughts on “Turning Southwest

  1. Greetings Sarah,
    Our doc filmmaking team is following this inspiring initiative that is happening in Raleigh, NC. It is a new model for generating affordable housing for low-income adults with developmental disabilities. The Building Independence Project will serve adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities in three adjacent homes in Raleigh. What’s unique is the partnership — non-profit The Serving Cup, Lutheran Services and HABITAT FOR HUMANITY! You can find out more and also view the fundraising video we did for them here: wwww.servingcup.org. Good timing for you to check it out: first Habitat build days are coming up Dec 17,18 & 19. We are filming the process so this model can be replicated nation wide.
    Thanks and traveling mercies to you Sarah!
    Martha J. Moore

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  2. Hi Sarah,

    Just left a comment on a previous post so I won’t introduce myself again, but another place you could check out as you head south is Capstone Community in the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, LA. The head of the community, Dave, runs a non-profit that utilizes blighted lots as areas to grow food that the local neighbors can harvest free of charge. He runs exclusively on volunteers, and he affords the plants by selling honey from his numerous bee hives throughout the neighborhood. His determination and compassion is incredible. Email me at simone_larson@hotmail.com if you would like to meet him and his community. Harvesting honey is a blast, too!

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