Breakfast at the Double Barrel

August 18, 2015, in Great Falls, MT.

This morning’s breakfast was at a tiny diner in a run-down strip mall outside Great Falls, Montana. It’s name, the Double Barrel; it’s slogan, “cowboy cuisine.” Three booths line the windows with views of the parking lot, posters on the wall quote scripture, and on the menu, what you’d expect: eggs, bacon, hash browns, pancakes, but also you can buy a cup of gravy on the side or opt for a 12-egg omelet.

Of course I’m listening in on conversations from neighboring tables. The one that holds my attention: Two men sitting side-by-side, one has one pierced ear, talking to the waitress about vegetable gardening, compost, and their hoped-for crop of zucchinis. Two men (maybe a couple?) talking organic gardening at a Montana cowboy diner. Stereotypes fall away …

2 thoughts on “Breakfast at the Double Barrel

  1. Elaine’
    The ” secret” says What you think about most is what you will become. I believe thinking about it “a million times ” surely qualifies you to become that traveler. Guts has nothing to do with it. It’s determination that will rule the day. Start planning now and by the time you have worked out all the bugs you’l be ready to leave


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